New Logo!

Ok, so we had to update our logo for Copyright purposes. Here it is, hope you like it... 😀 We alseo changed our slogan. We believe it represents our goals a lot better and we invite you to share it and use it. #neverstoplearning #gamification #education

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As a new school year draws near in Mexico, we were required to finish up all details and make sure a full set of tutorials are up but also make sure no bugs were around in our new version.

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Back to life

Alright.  So it's been a while since I posted something. Between life, the universe and everything, it all came out to over 42 things I had to finish. So for those who think I'm being just "funny", here is the complete list of what we've been woriking on for the past...

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How to create gamified tools

I was just asked to design a Workshop for the upcoming Gamification Europe Master Class. Here are the details of the workshop I will be teaching 🙂 Part 1 (30 minutes) #Gamification Basics: Getting a sense of direction Motivation RAMP Flow State Game Anatomy Part 2...

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Updating Docs

OMG! Updating the docs is a lot harder than I thought. So far you can check the documentation for the following sections: Overview Classes Class Players List Quests Sidequests Missions Levels Now, the LEVELS part of it is HARD, so if you have questions or suggestions...

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The #gamification powerhouse – Part 2

Continuing from this post... so many to mention but I will pull this off. Toby Beresford taught me many things in one night. What we are doing MATTERS. Not that I didn't believe in it, but he showed us numbers that show the size of the impact we are achieving. He can...

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