So it’s been a while since I posted something. Between life, the universe and everything, it all came out to over 42 things I had to finish.

So for those who think I’m being just “funny”, here is the complete list of what we’ve been woriking on for the past 4 months… 

  1. Setting up things with investor
  2. Fixing bugs in BLUErabbit
  3. Preparing keynote for Gamification Europe Masterclass
  4. Updating all cards fot he Game Master Framework for G.E.M.C.
  5. Translating such cards to spanish
  6. Updating all icons and software to match current design
  7. Talking to lawyers about brand
  8. Setting up new bank accounts
  9. Run around with hands in the air not knowing where to start fixing more bugs in the BLUErabbit
  10. Getting hired to gamify ForoVidanta (upcoming post!)
  11. Update BLUErabbit to make sure it can track social media for FORO VIDANTA
  12. Update Gamification Europe Master Class again to match new discoveries
  13.  Hire someone to help with the development of the gamified content for FORO VIDANTA (not easy here in Mexico but I found one of the best possible people in the planet for such a job)
  14. Go to Puerto Vallarta, run the event and make sure all participants stay focused for 4 days instead of going to the beach (mission accomplished!)
  15. Oh yeah… this is just May… one month in… And another item in the list is: UPDATE BLUErabbit Database to match the new settings
  16. Start designing EDUBADGES again since the client started requiring new features
  17. Start designing HDI system for MOUDUS
  18. Start analyzing all data from FORO VIDANTA
  19. Rehearse Keynote for Gamification Europe
  20. Finish Data analysis for FORO VIDANTA and send to client
  21. Get Paid! (YAAAY!!)
  22. Keep working on Edubadges
  23. Keep working on Moudus
  24. Forget for a while about the Ramp Compass System I want to publish
  25. Stick to the fight. Times get hard as hired developer stops working and stops answering phone… 
  26. Start new DB update with BLUErabbit as new needs come up.
  27. Find a new developer in the meantime
  28. Keep working on the other projects
  29. Fix even more bugs that appear in BLUErabbit
  30. Start focusing in BLUErabbit as a sponsor for GAMICON in October
  31. Get interviewed by Monica Cornetti 
  32. Fly to Europe. Gamification Europe Master Class is ready to go.
  33. We are mid way in to June here… and Wedding in Switzerland
  34. Fly to London for Master Class
  35. Teach my Master Class (Top 10 experiences in lifetime!)
  36. Take Escape room Master Class wiht Michiel Van Eunen
  37. Demo BLUErabbit to a participant
  38. Go to Stonehenge and Greenwich
  39. Fly to Mexico and keep updating BLUErabbit as search for developer fades into darkness
  40. Print material for surprise workshop
  41. Deliver first version of HDI
  42. Deploy latest update of EDUBADGES

Yeah… not even July by the end of those 42 items… so well… as you can see we are running with many things… so the blog had to wait a bit.

However. We are back in business!! 😀

I’m changing the theme in the website to match new things but for the meantime, I’ll update the DOCS and then we will do the theme thingy…

#gamification for the win!! 🙂