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The Docs

Getting Started

What is ?

Details on our gamified engagement platform.


Experience points (XP), Virtual currency (BLOO), Energy Points (EP) and when to use them.

Creating Adventures

How to create a new adventure, configure it and get your players to enroll in it.

The Journey Map/List

Where are all the quests, challenges, missions and other elements saved

Leveling up

How to get your players to level by earning experience points from quests and other mechanics.

Configuring Features

Select the features you need to simplify the adventure for your players

All Features


Create, edit and customize the place where your players will play.


Upload content to earn XP and BLOO.


Create a gamified quiz to measure knowledge.


A collection of quests and challenges that, when finished, awards resources.


Create rewards the players can spend their resources on or that can be earned by completing specific quests or challenges.


Award badges and resources from specific behaviors. Measure activity outside of BLUERABBIT


Group the players in guilds and use these to assign missions with steps that must be completed by all designated members.

Blog Post

A simple blog post that provides content, news or information to the players through their adventure.


A tool to limit player progression when they display misconduct or find a cursed item.


Create a session to form a schedule for your event or your adventure. Basically an agenda.


Add a list of the speakers of your event or your adventure guests that can be linked to each session from the schedule.


Collect feedback from the players with six different types of questions

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