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    Focus on Creativity

    Tracking numbers in gamification is hard, BLUErabbit takes care of all the math for you and lets you focus on the creative side

    Faster Grading

    Stop downloading every project and check everything directly within the platform where the players submit all the work

    Escape Rooms

    Want to create a escape room?
    Leave clues for a long-term mystery or create a one day challenge.

    Adventure Wall

    Connect all players through the wall with specific chat rooms for guilds.
    Don’t worry, as a Game Master you’ll have access to every conversation

    Lock Progress

    Increase curiosity by locking progression and force players to finish requirements before proceeding

    Assign  Achievments

    Create badges and assign them in 6 different ways. Use them to separate players journeys and create alternative paths for them according to their own choices and experience.

    Challenge based Learning

    Giving a purpose to learning is the best way to create engagement
    Design your classes as challenges and keep students focused for the whole school year

    Creative Requirements

    Create Key items that must be required to unlock specific quests in the player’s journey

    Track Player Teamwork

    With Team Missions, you can assign tasks to specific roles and make sure everybody works equally

    Know your Players

    Authorised by Gamified.UK, BLUErabbit provides the official HEXAD player type test to help you identify different styles in your class

    Sell your Grades

    Use the item shop to sell anything you want the players to buy, including the grades for the class

    Multiple Attempts

    Allow multiple attempts to multiple choice tests so players can master a specific subject


    With three levels of certification in Gamification Design through our online webinars and workshops

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