As a new school year draws near in Mexico, we were required to finish up all details and make sure a full set of tutorials are up but also make sure no bugs were around in our new version.

You can try it here! 

Some of the new features actually come from inspiration received during Gamification Europe and needs from Foro Vidanta.

I’ll be covering each of the new features in a separate post but let me list them here:

  • New Looks at Classes dashboard.
  • All bugs clear: We’ve cleared all bugs from the system. If you find one, please report it to [email protected]
  • Level up colors
  • New Item types: Consumables, Key Items and Reward Items
  • Requirements from Key or Reward Items
  • Team Missions are active!
  • Teams have a chat in the class wall
  • Sidequests are working fully and just show for current level
  • Duplicate Quests are possible now.
  • Reward Items work as a collection for the players to complete
  • Achievements now can be obtained in three different ways, limited by amount of players and by deadlines.
  • Quests and Challenges can be assigned to a specific group of players using achievements
  • Quests, Missions and Challenges can now reward players with information using CLUES. This way you can create an Escape Room experience or find hints through the whole school year!
  • The questions in Challenges can have now an image attached to it
  • The Players List now offers a link to the player type results for each enrolled player so the teacher can see the numbers
  • Class Time zone bug has been fixed. Now all deadlines match the setup from the class.
  • You can remove players from within the class edit screen.

Hope you like them.

#gamification of #education for the win!