Alright!!! So for all of you attending Gamicon 21v (

What you need to do to build a player journey using an analogue version of BLUERABBIT is this:

  1. Assumption just for this case >>> You are in charge of running a learning experience.
  2. The Problem for this scenario >>> The participants don’t engage with the players.
  3. The tools at hand to increase engagement are:
    1. QUESTS >>> A way of submitting content. Whatever it is, text, image, links, videos or documents. It can come in the shape of a survey or with steps to complete. The core point of a quest is that the content is not evaluated but required.
    2. CHALLENGES >>> A way of measuring knowledge in the form of multiple choice quizzes.
    3. ACHIEVEMENTS >>> It’s a tool to award resources that neither the quest or the challenge cover. It can be scanning a QR code they find in their email or the physical mail or under a table (when COVID stops). It can be actively recognizing the best question made to a speaker or anything.
  4. Follow the engagement loop:

Now. The challenge is to create THREE activities choosing your tools. any combination of those tools and you ask something of the players. The only thing that’s open for you is the subject. So let’s say you want the players to learn about apples. What are the three first activities related to apples you want the player to do/learn?

Maybe 2 quests and a challenge:

  • Quest 1 > Upload a picture of your favorite apple
  • Quest 2 > Tell us what is the best apple and why?
  • Challenge > Answer these three simple questions about apples