How to create gamified tools

I was just asked to design a Workshop for the upcoming Gamification Europe Master Class. Here are the details of the workshop I will be teaching 🙂 Part 1 (30 minutes) #Gamification Basics: Getting a sense of direction Motivation RAMP Flow State Game Anatomy Part 2...

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Updating Docs

OMG! Updating the docs is a lot harder than I thought. So far you can check the documentation for the following sections: Overview Classes Class Players List Quests Sidequests Missions Levels Now, the LEVELS part of it is HARD, so if you have questions or suggestions...

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As a #gamification designer, part of my job is to explain how people reach the fiero state. "It is the natural consequence of FLOW" I used to say. However, how often do we experience FLOW? Even being aware of its existence, for FLOW to actually work and for #fiero to...

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How NOT to gamify a classroom

Applying #gamification to a class will always be a good challenge. It doesn't matter how good a Dungeon Master you are, you will always find it more challenging that you accounted for. I hope that this 10 tips on how NOT to gamify a classroom will help teachers out...

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