I am the proud father of a 12-year old son who has begun his first year in secondary education ( Junior High ). Since he was a little kid studying in kindergarten, I’ve seen that teachers, parents and students have deviate from the real purpose of education.

Back in the days where I was a 12-year old student, my parents and my teachers had a very specific purpose for me, to study, learn, and get good grades so I could fully understand the responsibilities the school had in me.

If I didn’t do a homework, then the teacher would send a note to my parents mentioning that this kind of behavior had to change and that I needed to bring every single one of my homework done to the class.

If I misbehave, then the Principal would call my parents to see what was going on. My parents, the teachers and the Principal would talk about me in a peaceful way and would agree on a change of direction for me.

Today, sadly I see the opposite. The moment the teacher sends a note to any parent, the parents mostly would deny their children behavior and would say that it has to be the teacher’s fault. Then they would go directly to the Principal’s office and demand that the teacher has to change its behavior rather than the student itself.

I believe this nonsense is going on, mainly because most of the parents, teachers and students have lost the true meaning of the education as a purpose.

Purpose is a strong word that changes many lives instantly, It brings joy and defines the path of any person for good.

Purpose = That which you love ( Mission ) + That which the world needs ( Vocation ) + That which you can be paid for ( Profession ) + That which you are good at ( Passion ).

If we as parents accept that these new generations of students had the same responsibilities as we did back then when we were students, then we have found our true purpose and it would reflect on being achievable of our children’s education.