Games aren't always fair

A review of an AmAzInG article
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Ok, first of all, I DIDN’T write the article, I’m just posting this short review as a reference. It’s so good, any #gamification designer must read and be aware of these flaws before building ANYTHING!

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The author touches neuroscience briefly to explain how the chemicals in our brain work, she even quotes:

You are a deeply flawed, irrational being who is terrible at truly understanding chance, distance, time and numbers. Don’t feel bad, everyone else on the planet is in the same boat.

She explains various #gamemechanics such as ACCOMPLISHMENT, BONDING, FAKING IT, FAIRNESS and MULTIPLAYER. The greatest part of it is that she is not the one explaining and giving examples, great game designers from fantastic killer games are.

Stop messing around and click here to read it. You can thank her later.

I’ll end up pulling a short cv of her

Jennifer Scheurle is an award-winning, world-traveling game designer and speaker with six years of industry experience. She is most known for her work on Earthlight, a game created in collaboration with NASA as well as Objects in Space, which is to be released in 2018.

An amazing article for sure. Please read!! 😀

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