I am watching the new Netflix series “Dad of Light” which shows a kid whose Dad just got retired and uses Final Fantasy XIV (a MMORPG game) to try and connect with him.

The kid gives his dad a PS4 and a FFXIV game as a gift.

I won’t spoil anything. I’m also only on episode 5, though what I do have to say isa beautiful insight on why #gamification matters.

The series is a reflection of the power of #games in real life. These two characters in the series are completely isolated from each other and the goal is to connect through the game. It reminded me immediately of the project World of Warcraft in the clasroom which inspired me to buid BLUErabbit a couple of years ago.

Now, what hit me the most is how easy the son starts learning new things from his dad by teaching him how to play a game. Though the parent doesn’t know who his son is in the game his wisdom and maturity shows up naturally and can’t be hidden.

My dad (Dr. Jorge Letayf) has worked in professional training for over 40 years and a long time ago he taught me that people can’t hide their tru nature when playing, that’s why I use games in my courses, to show everyone who everybody is truly like and stop being surprised when such behavior shows in the workplace.

The connection both characters in Dad of Light show reminded me of why I’m doing this.

#Gamification matters because it gives purpose to people, it reveals our true nature and it help us become stronger by overcoming challenges in a more dynamic way. Life CAN be as good as a game. Life can have moments of fear and glory and heroism and no need for it to be a full time drama. It all needs is a good system and a clear objective.

We must continue this endeavor and connect with as much people as possible.

#Gamification is much more than just PBL’s or Great mechanics combined in harmony. #Gamification is the way to change everything into a clear definitive plan that will help players overcome everything.

#Gamification is the way.