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About our Workshops

We designed different workshops with the purpose of making it easy for anyone to learn how to create gamification systems, understand them or design professional player journeys and compelling adventures.

Gamification basically is about motivation and  there are many different ways to build this. We offer four techniques that will help you understand how to appeal to all player types, consider fun, motivate the right way and create powerful narratives.

We don’t like the hassle of making anything too complex for the players or game masters, that’s why all our workshops 

Learn to create simple successful engagement loops to keep your players motivated through your content

What’s inside



How to define core game dynamics


Test your design

Learn how to test your build before releasing



53 Game mechanics defined


Learn to Iterate

Learn from your mistakes to improve your design


A tool that gives a concrete sense of direction to all actions of the player.
What’s the point? Why are the players here?


The emotions and ambiance the players experience.
How do the players feel?


There are games that can’t be beaten, however, there must be an indication of success.
When can the player call a win or a defeat? How does the game end?


The player must know in which part or moment of the system they are and how to advance or retreat.
Which way is forward? Where is the player?


It’s important to define the interaction between players and the system.
How do the players play?


You can’t have a game without limits to the player in terms of time and space. The core difference between play and game.
Where does it start and when does it end? How long can I play?

Game Elements/Mechanics

Hours of training

Learn to design your gamified system with 53 different game mechanics in a structured framework that will ensure you build a compelling player journey

About the expert.

International Gamification Speaker & the evil mind behind the operation @bluerabbit, a gamification platform for education.

Gamified experiences for over 10,000 players around the world and has over 6,000 active users in BLUE RABBIT

Declared a world wide war on grades.

I believe the most important teaching from COVID-19 is that schools will change forever (as the working environment, but that’s another post…) and learning what will help players progress and what won’t is fundamental to ensure our younger generations reach new heights in learning.

Bernardo Letayf


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