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A different way of giving assignments to your players. A space for them to upload any content you want them to.

Quests are the most used mechanics in BLUErabbit. They are an assignment “required” for the journey. The more quests you complete, the higher the level.

Each hexagon in the journey represents a quest.

Even they are covered in different pages, Challenges, Missions and Surveys are quests, they just have different mechanics applied.

Creating a New Quest

Basic Settings

This tab shows options that are the same for almost all mechanics in BLUERABBIT

  • Write a name for the quest
  • Choose an accent color that will highlight the hexagon on the journey map
  • Select an icon
  • Upload an image for reference


Common Mechanics Tab

The first section in this tab [Common Mechanics] is the same for all mechanics in BLUERABBIT

  • Level: The minimum level the player needs to be in order to attempt this quest
  • XP: The amount of Experience Points the players earn after completing the quest
  • EP: (if encounters are active) The amount of Energy Points the players earn after completing the quest
  • BLOO: The amount of Virtual Currency the players earn after completing the quest
  • Start Date: The starting date and time the quest will be available for the players, leave blank for always available.
  • Deadline: The deadline for the quest.

Quest Mechanics Tab

This mechanics are exclusive to quests

  • Required Words, Links and Images: The minimum number of words, links or images the player needs to add to the open field of the quest in order to complete it.


Content Tab

Quests, Challenges, Missions and Surveys share this tab in BLUERABBIT

  • Short Description: A short description the players will see when they are viewing the journey in list mode.
  • Instructions: The place to add a question or instructions for the players. If there are no other steps (view STEPS) the player will see this content as the first step and the open field to provide an answer as a second second step.
  • Success Message: When the player completes the quest, they will see this message. Great for hiding secret words.

Advanced Tab

Quests, Challenges and Surveys share this tab in BLUERABBIT

  • Deadline cost: If there is a Deadline set, you can place a cost to it that the players can pay to clear it and submit work late.
  • Unlock cost: A cost the player must pay to activate the quest
  • Item Reward: Whether it’s a REWARD item or a KEY item the player will earn once they complete the quest
  • Achievement Reward: Whether it’s a PATH achievement or a BADGE achievement the player will earn when they complete the quest
  • Quest Required: What quest(s), challenge(s), mission(s) or survey(s) is(are) required before this can be attempted
  • Achievements Required: The RANK achievement or BADGE achievement the player must have already earned before attempting this quest.

Steps Tab

Only available for Quests

  • The steps allow you to create branching scenarios
  • Each step is a screen the player will see where some options show up and depending on their choice they can go to the corresponding screen
  • To learn everything about steps, please click here.


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