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A different way of giving assignments to your players. A space for them to upload any content you want them to.

Quests are the most used mechanics in BLUErabbit. They are an assignment “required” for the journey. The more quests you complete, the higher the level.

Each hexagon in the journey represents a quest.

Even they are covered in different pages, Challenges, Missions and Surveys are quests, they just have different mechanics applied.

Creating a New Quest

To create a new Quest, simply use one of the shortctus from the class homepage or click Cooper Cooper , then the ADD button and New Quest.

The first thing required is to choose the type of quest you will be using.

Then add a title to your quest.

The following block refers to the required level and the rewards.

For a deeper explanation on how the levels work in BLUErabbit, click here.

Quests can be locked for players in several ways:

  1. Set a REQUIRED LEVEL above 1
  2. Add a STARTING DATE so players can’t attempt it until then regardless of LEVEL or cost
  3. Add an UNLOCK COST to the quest (optional)

The goal of locking quests is part of the whole strategy in #gamification to keep players interested as not everything is available and you must open a path by working.

Now, players can lose access to a previously unlocked quest if a DEADLINE is set and they miss it. However, if a DEADLINE COST is set, players can pay it and then attempt the quest as normal.

Once posted, editing the rewards will affect all players who have already finished the quest.

Increasing the level after a player has finished won’t remove their post or the rewards but, will make other players feel treated unfairly, so, DON’T DO IT.

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