Class Players' List

The table where all the players' work is visible

This page is key for all game masters. You can access all player work from here.

If you click the check marks you’ll be linked to the player’s post. However it only works in quests, missions and sidequests. Challenges and Achievements have no link.

Use the head of the columsn to highlight them and activate the grading fields. If your grading system is Letters, you’ll see a drop down, if it’s percentage, you can put a number.

If your class was setup as “AFTER GRADING” in the “When do players receive their rewards” As long as you assign anything above 0 as a grade the players will get ALL XP and MONEY from the quest in question.

If you click on a players’ row you highlight the whole row. If you click on the cell “NAME” on the upper left corner, all cells are highlighted.

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