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Adventures are the core mechanic in BLUERABBIT. All the engagement you want to create has to live inside an adventure. So the first step is to create one.

It’s important to note that if you don’t see all settings at first, just create the adventure and then go back to configure additional settings

 My Adventures Screen

This screen is where you choose the adventure you want to play in. If you are attending an event, it’s most likely you won’t see this screen at all.

In this screen, as the Owner or GameMaster of these adventures you may edit or delete them.

Creating a new adventure

General Settings

Adventure Name How your players will recognize the adventure.
Adventure Image A graphic aid for reference. It may also appear as a default image placeholder in certain pages.
Growth Points label

We normally call these XP (Experience Points). These points are used to level up.

Click here to learn about leveling up in BLUERABBIT

Nickname The first nickname the players receive. These will be updated depending on the Ranks each player earns through their adventure.
Use Guilds

When this setting is on, players will be assigned randomly to a guild you created for them and that has the “Assign to players on login” setting to yes.

That way, you can create teams automatically as players enroll in your adventure.


Country Choose the right timezone for deadlines and start dates to work properly
Hide Quests You may hide quests before their start date, after the deadline or both. This helps in not saturating the map for the players or to make sure only those who are present at the time can attempt them.
Show Schedule Whether just the current day or the entire schedule.
Color The highlight color of the adventure
Grade Scale Type None, percentage or letters
Assign rewards Before or after grading. Can’t be after if the grade scale is set to “NONE”.
Adventure Code Reference to the unique code to enroll in the adventure.


Welcome Boss Fight What Boss Fight to load automatically when logging into the adventure
Adventure Intro A welcome message for the players when they login. It’s a good place to write the narrative or the instructions. Players can return to this screen later.


Reset Display Intro Ensures all players will see the welcome message the next time they enter the adventure.
Reset Prev Level Ensures players will see the Level Up animation next time they enter the adventure.
Reset Guilds Removes all players from any guild they were automatically assigned on login.

Level Ranks

This table assigns an achievement to every player that reaches a specific level.

Only Achievements created as RANKS will be listed. Avoid repeating them as it makes no sense to the players and they will only receive the achievement once.

Enrolled players

The list of players currently in the adventure.

Here you can assign different roles:

  • Player: Plays the adventure. Can’t create content for other players
  • NPC: Non-Player Character. Helps guide the players in the right direction. Can’t create content for other players but can see upcoming quests and has access to all transactions becoming a support agent for the Game Master
  • Game Master: The user behind all challenges the players face. An adventure can have multiple game masters if it needs too much content. All game masters have the same capabillities.
  • Owner: Can’t assign this role to anyone else but the creator of the adventure


What features from BLUERABBIT do you need?

Not all adventures require all things available and the simpler the better. Here is where you must configure all settings to ensure the players only see what you need them to see.

*Note: These settings are limited by the version you have.


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