How NOT to gamify a classroom

A keynote with some tips that will help teachers add #gamification to their classes with less mistakes

Applying #gamification to a class will always be a good challenge. It doesn’t matter how good a Dungeon Master you are, you will always find it more challenging that you accounted for.

I hope that this 10 tips on how NOT to gamify a classroom will help teachers out there to simplify the task a bit, know some insights from the battlefield and will successfully reach a gamified system faster than I had to.

This keynote was presented during Gamification Europe in November 28th-29th 2017 in Brighton U.K.

Slides can be seen here 🙂

Bernardo Letayf

Bernardo Letayf

M.B.O. (Mind Behind the Operation)

6th position in the Gamification Gurus Power 100!

Gamification Keynote Speaker & the mind behind the operation @bluerabbit, a gamification platform for education.

Developed three frameworks to teach/learn how to create gamification systems and build gamified content

Declared a world wide war on grades.

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