App 2.0 release details!

Projects will be gone but missions will take their place!
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App V2.0 Release Details.

As you know, we always try to improve BLUErabbit into the best tool available for teachers to implement #gamification into their classes. As a result, we are releasing our new version officially. There are some important changes we added so please review this article so you can check when the update is done all your information is safe. Very important. The one element we removed is the PROJECTS. The tool exists still but now you will create them as missions. More details on the Missions docs.

The rabbit button

This component is the hero of our new version. When in doubt, please click the rabbit button and check the options. Everything is there. EVERY SINGLE THING. The menu adapts depending on the screen you are and wethere you are a game master on the current class or a player.

The Main Menu

The main menu has changed into a more dynamic component for the app. When it pops, it will show relevant options depending on your role in the class and wether you are inside a class or not.


The Classes Dashboard

As you can see, the app dashboard looks very different from before. All classes can be PUBLIC (if you desire them to be) so anyone in the world can join. Most teachers will want to keep their classes private, something that can be simply selected in the class editing page.


Just go to your profile and select what you want to read all the options in!

Yes!!! We finally translated our platform into (so far) 2 languages. The good news is that BLUErabbit supports now multi-language and if anyone is interested in helping with the translation into further languages, please help us!

Class Intro

You can now add a fully html custom class intro that will show the first time players log into the class (think of it as the class rules!)

 New Class Homepage

Now introducing a timeline to see all quests available with a progress bar to see which ones you’ve done. Use missions as you would introduce a new unit to the game. Create Quests, Sidequests or Challenges as you’ve always done.

This and many more features are now available!! 😀

Try out the Beta

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