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#gamification core analysis... level 2

Ok, So what’s with this image:

I was talking with #gamification guru Roman Racwitz during his last visit to Mexico about how I believe that Purpose is the most important component in RAMP. He then countered by saying that Mastery is better.

In the end we both agreed that all 4 core elements are important, but our preference is way towards both Mastery and Purpose. However it got me thinking that Mastery and purpose feed each other constantly. And that’s what the image above is about.

According to the HEXAD, each player type is related more to a component of RAMP, however the more I use them this proves a bit off (not really wrong but more like weird)

Achievers have a clear relationship with Mastery, Free-spirits with Autonomy and Socialisers with Relatedness. The trick lies in the Philantropist and a post by Andrzej on his website. After discussing things with @RomanRackwitz and the misconceptions I started walking a dark path. What if we release the player types from the RAMP elements? 

I know right? Sacrilegeous!

Before I burn, let me say a couple of things. All player types are motivated by all four RAMP components, not just one specifically. If we release the HEXAD from RAMP, then the philantropist, the socialiser, the free spirit and the achiever get their intrinsic motivation from more than only ONE core concept and this opens a path for many things to come.

It’s just an idea, however, I like to think we can take the player types to an infinite number of combinations that allow us to understand the players in more depth than before.

I believe that even if the trend in #gamification says that an achiever will look for mastery over altruistic purpose, what if the achiever wants to be a master in helping others? What if the socialiser wants to help people be more independent? 

Anyhow, I’d lobe to hear from you guys! 😀

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