Please select a problem to solve

Before contacting support, check the most common issues that may come your way. If nothing works, let us know and we’ll help you.

Problem: I'm trying to register but it tells me the email doesn't exist

What’s happening is that you are attempting to login when you want to register. Make sure you scroll down to where the registation form is:


Problem: I'm lost.

We know BLUErabbit is a new thing to learn. When in doubt, the RABBIT button in the bottom center will bring the nav menu to take you everywhere. 

The purple button on the bottom left takes you home

The circle on the bottom right pops the profile box with your stats and a link to the my account page.

The item shop will offer items based on LEVEL and COINS, so you must meet BOTH conditions to purchase anything in there. 

Problem: Unauthorized Access

If you get this message, the fix is simple. Logout and then login. That will do the trick. Try updating your profile to confirm its working.

Problem: I don't have the right amount of points!

This is solved easily by going to the journey page. When you get to this page ( the system resets and recounts all your work so you should be ready after going there.

Problem: I finished the survey but it doesn't show the check mark

This issue is fixed by going again inside the survey and making sure you finished all the questions. Even if you don’t have an answer, make sure you add N/A or something. BLUErabbit assigns the points of a survey when all questions are answered.

Problem: Twitter isn't counting my points!

Check that your twitter account is connected to BLUErabbit.

Go to and ensure to click the Connect to Twitter button to add your account.

Problem: Twitter STOPPED counting my points!

If your tweets were being registered before but then it stopped, it is most likely because twitter thinks you are a bot and you may need to do some things to prove you are human:

  1. Update your twitter profile to the best you can. If you can link a phone number even better. Change the profile and background images.
  2. Follow several accounts, especially if they are related to gamification, you can start by following @bluerabbitclass and @gamicon_us . Twitter suggests related users and you will start to find more and more interesting accounts as you use them.
  3. Follow each other. When you meet your new gamifiers at Gamicon, ask for their twitter user and follow each other and tweet a message using #gamicon21v >> With this hashtag, you will keep building up the numbers for the biggest point booster in the journey.
  4. Retweet, like and comment other’s posts. Bots do not comment as humans, so try to reply every now and then to an interesting comment from the speakers or other participants.
NOTHING WORKS! Everything is on fire!

Ok, we know there may time where you need a superhero to help so ask for help. Contact us at [email protected] it may take a bit to get back to you but we will contact you as soon as possible.