Beating up the overjustification effect

Ok, so there are many ways to overcome this challenge. However I will cover ONE. The simplest and ALWAYS the solution to it. Never make rewards more relevant than the activity. Make the activity the reward itself. If people want a soft drink, don't promise them gold,...

Rewards, behaviour and your worst enemy

AS you may have noticed, one of my favorite Gamification Gurus is Andrzej Marczewski. He said once "Rewards must celebrate achievements, not be the achievement itself" On that regard, he posted a new article in Medium explaining that her daughters' school decided best...

App 2.0 release details!

  App V2.0 Release Details. As you know, we always try to improve BLUErabbit into the best tool available for teachers to implement #gamification into their classes. As a result, we are releasing our new version officially. There are some important changes we...

How school should be

The point is simple. We want BLUErabbit to make all schools like this one. The concept is so fantastic many ideas went through our heads and will be working towards them. The #gamification of #education is actually possible. It's not a matter of hopes and dreams....

Games aren’t always fair

Ok, first of all, I DIDN'T write the article, I'm just posting this short review as a reference. It's so good, any #gamification designer must read and be aware of these flaws before building ANYTHING! Full Article:...


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BLUErabbit is a gamified learning enhancer used to transform any class into great challenges.

Using powerful game mechanics, the players will focus on learning rather than grades. They will earn money (BLOO) that can be used to clear the path for better assignments, level up faster or make up for late work



What if instead of homework we start calling them jobs or quests? Instead of giving assignments you send your players into great adventures.


So you want your players to work as a team? With a project, you can assign it directly to a specific team and see who submits which part of it and follow through! Plus, they only get the XP and BLOO when it’s all finished!


How about you add a bonus prize/award to those who finish all the exercises that start with the word “Skeleton”? Or an award for finishing your first quest?
Missions are specific behavior you want to reward players. When they fulfill all the requirements, the award is granted automatically.



Tests are boring. how about you create a quiz that has a pool of questions but also allows the players to attempt it each time by paying for it? Or you give them 5 attempts to get the best or the last grade available?

Stop testing. Start quizzing.



Need to reward a specific player for their competence? A team got the best project?
Achievements are independent rewards that can be granted at any point for pretty much any reason.



All classes at some point need to build teams. Manage, organise and assign specific projects to each team or have a general project for the whole class and have all teams work together to get it done.

All players/one account

Up to TEN classes

You teach morning and afternoons?
Have 10 different classes?
Different subjects?

Enroll 300 players

Enroll up to 300 players within your classes.
No one is left out.

Choose your scale

Choose your grading scale.
Letters (A, B+, etc) Percentage
or leave the class without a grade!

Know your players better than themselves

Learn how they play best and use it to empower their learning!

Marczewski’s Player and User Types Hexad

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4MAT Learning Styles

Bernice McCarthy’s Learning Styles

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