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Supported on the science of games, BLUErabbit leverages on specific game mechanics that have proven to improve classroom activity on both sides, the teachers and the students.

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The basic assignment for the players. Use quests to challenge them blocking them by level, money, deadlines or items.


Sidequests are designed as repeatable quests that can’t be locked but can only be attempted during the current level of the player.


Track specific quests and challenges that must be done individuallly or in teams.
Missions are designed to follow player behaviour and assign the rewards when all requirements are met


Challenges are multiple choice tests with strong game mechanics. Create a pull of quests, randomize questiosn on each attempt, charge for each try and limit the amount of times each player can do the challenge


No system can design all rewards. Create player-specific achievements to award players for things the system can’t. You can also assign RANKS here to segment quests or just for show


Fine players who don’t behave as expected or are trying to cheat through the class.
Cheating and making mistakes are two very different things


Organize your players into teams and let them support each other through missions that require multi-player effort!


Level up through quests, sidequests, missions and challenges

Virtual Currency

Teach your players the true value of earning money by locking progression with a virtual currency. You can name it whatever you like.

Item Shop

The place to buy items, wether they are consumables or key items to unlock progress!


Create and sell items inside the class.
You can even sell the final grade!


Players need a place to keep their stuff.
In the backpack you’ll find all items you’ve bought and there you can spend them.


Assign ranks to your players after earning an achievement or just use them to segment the quests and challenges.

Class Wall

Communicate with your players either publicly or privately. Players can only message the teacher(s).

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