A grinding method for players to always be able to catch up

Sidequests are the grinding element in BLUErabbit.

Also, Sidequest are the only quest available when players get fined by a ticket.

The basic difference is that the XP reward of a sidequest can only be 10% of the total amount required to level up. According to the leveling table, basically the formula is CURRENT LEVEL  x 1000 XP to level up, so a Sidequest for LEVEL 1 will assign 100 XP. However, players can repeat the sidequest up to 10 times per level.

Creating a New SideQuest

To create a new Quest, simply use one of the shortctus from the class homepage or click Cooper Cooper , then the ADD button and New Quest.

Once in the NEW QUEST FORM, make sure to select SIDEQUEST on the QUEST type at the top.

After adding a title to your sidequest, choose the level you want it to be available for the players.

BLUErabbit will calculate automatically how much XP is rewarded for each sidequest (it’s always the 10% of the total XP required to level up).

The MONEY reward you want to assign is completely open, just remember to keep money in good range related to the things the players can buy.

Sidequest will only be available during current player level so that players of higher levels can’t grind with easier quests.

The goal of sidequests is to keep players within the same ship. Remember:  don’t let players drift away.

The instructions field can support video links from YouTube and Vimeo. Also if you copy a Tweet link it will set itself automatically.

Here you can’t add deadlines, unlock costs or starting dates. Again, it should be completely open for players of the sidequest level.


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