Where to start after logging in

Right after logging in, you will see the classes dashboard:

 Not many things to say about it. However, you can now filter and search through your classes.

If you are not using a school license of BLUErabbit, you might find some public classes (like MAGIC CLASS) with the “Enroll” button active.

You can join those classes by just clicking that button.

Creating a new class

To create a new class click on the big gray button that says “Create new Class”

Or click Cooper and then on the bottom right you can create a new class.

The New Class Form

Make sure when you create a new class to setup all details.

The Status and Privacy Settings are very important. You don’t want your class to be open for everyone on the planet unless you are setting it on purpose.

We recommend the image you use is in portrait format and use something that is simple and easily relatable to the subject of the class.

We currently only support two grading scales (GPA for letters and Percentage).

Class Homepage

This is the place where players will see all their journey and spend most of the time there.

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