The most basic element for the system. This is the tool you will use to track the progress of the players

Quests are the most basic element of BLUErabbit. Basically speaking, instead of homework, classwork or tests, you will create a quest or sidequest (later on you can read about projects, but they are basically the same thing)

Quests can have two different types of rewards, one is more connected to EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION and the other to INTRINSIC MOTIVATION.

BLOO: Extrinsic Motivation

Bloo is the virtual currency of BLUErabbit (you can customize the name by editing your class) and money by itself is used as an extrinsic motivator. Players will use it to clear their paths but they won’t level up with it. They can pay tickets, deadlines or unlock content.

XP: Intrinsic Motivation

In the end, the goal is for the players to level up as much as possible. NEVER put a limit to the highest level because it would be another way of grading students. The goal of using XP is to have players WANTING to become better than they are. This game mechanic will not unlock progress (except for quests blocked by level) but will show their progress through the class more consistently than a grade.