Overview of BLUErabbit

What is BLUErabbit?

We designed BLUErabbit as a tool to superpower teachers and students. We want to change education around the world and make sure everyone has access to incredible and meaningful education.

What you can do with BLUErabbit

The application serves as a repository for all your class content, but it will allow players to submit the work for the class directly, they will recieve experience points and bloo for every quest/job they finish.

They also will be able to choose the path they want to follow to learn the skills required to achieve the core goal of the class.

BLUErabbit will help you as a teacher define clearly the learning goals and keep the players on track and always craving for more and more content.


The app will help you reward people for individual achievements and specific behaviors. Players will be able to rate each other’s work and (in the future) they will be able to share it in social networks.


The Features

  • Progress Bar
  • Leveling
  • Experience Points
  • Virtual Currency
  • Deadlines
  • Starting Dates
  • Milestone unlock
  • Progress block
  • Quests / Sidequests
  • Online testing
  • Online grading