Experience Points

Experience Points (XP)

levelsInstead of assigning a grade directly, BLUErabbit will give the player certain amount of XP for every finished quest. The grade must be understood as the interpretation of the quality of a specific assignment and that is something the current educational system can’t live without. However, one of the game mechanics in here is the immediate feedback.

Depending on the difficulty of the task, players can earn up to 60% of the required XP to level up. It’s never a good idea to have the players level up with one quest, however, you can split a quest into many smaller ones to grant additional XP and have the players level up faster (more on this in the Techniques section)

Players get the points instantly to increase their motivation. Wether it is right or wrong it doesn’t matter yet. Before the teacher tells the player how good or bad his assignment is, he will already have a feeling of accomplishment.

If the work submitted is way too bad or way to wrong and the teacher wants to punish the player, it can be done by giving them a ticket for cheating or for uploading inappropriate content.

The objective is that no matter how much the player fails, he always keeps moving forward. You can assign a different quest to have him retry or do additional work on the subject to help his/her learning.

Details on how to use the XP can be found in the Game Mechanics section under Levels.