BLOO, the Virtual Currency

What is BLOO?

One of our favorite game mechanics is the use of a virtual currency that will allow you to buy stuff. We call this currency BLOO.

blooYou can use BLOO to do any of the following things in BLUErabbit

  1. Unlock content by cost
  2. Buy a deadline
  3. Pay tickets
  4. Buy a retry on tests

The use of this mechanic lets you change the approach your players will have with the class. If they miss a deadline, they can buy it back for the amount you decide (you can make it SUPER expensive, or leave it blank and it CAN’T be bought). If you put a cost to a specific quest, players have to buy the quest before submitting the work, you can have two quests with the same price and have them choose their path.

Tickets help you block cheaters. When someone submits inappropriate or copyrighted content, you can issue a ticket and all unblockable content (deadlines, quests that cost and retries) will be locked down. The player won’t be able to attempt anything but the quests that do not have a cost until they pay their fees by… doing more work 🙂

It’s a good way of controlling the inflation in your classroom to assign 10% of the XP as reward for the quest and 20% of the XP as the cost of the deadline (in case you want to put one)

More about uses and tricks in the Techniques section


The Features

  • Progress Bar
  • Leveling
  • Experience Points
  • Virtual Currency
  • Deadlines
  • Starting Dates
  • Milestone unlock
  • Progress block
  • Quests / Sidequests
  • Online testing
  • Online grading