Create/Edit a Class

Creating a class

After logging in, you will be shown your classes dashboard. There you can click to create a new class

Another way of reaching this point is by clicking on the Profile Button > Create Class

Once inside, you should see this screen:

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.50.57 PM

Class Name: The name of your class (Science 101 – Group A)

Class Story: A single line explaining why should players be here. This will help you define your objectives more clearly (don’t worry, it’s not the type of app where you have to fill in a million fields)

Player’s Nickname: What are your players? Are they researchers? Designers? Scientists? Giving them a nice title will help them focus away from grades and increase how meaningful the learning is.

Number of Players: This is just for crowd control. If left blank, any student can register, if not, only the number you put.

Grade Scale Type: BLUErabbit tries not to focus on the grades, however, it’s unavoidable. If you don’t have the need of using a grade scale, leave it at No Grade scale. If you use letters, you choose that one or if you want to use percentages you can choose it. It’s very important that you have this clear when setting your class. THE GRADE SCALE CANNOT BE MODIFIED.

Editing a Class

Just go to the your classes dashboard (Profile Menu > My Classes) and on the class box click edit class. The options are the same for a new class.