As a #gamification designer, part of my job is to explain how people reach the fiero state. "It is the natural consequence of FLOW" I used to say. However, how often do we experience FLOW? Even being aware of its existence, for FLOW to actually work and for #fiero to...

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How NOT to gamify a classroom

Applying #gamification to a class will always be a good challenge. It doesn't matter how good a Dungeon Master you are, you will always find it more challenging that you accounted for. I hope that this 10 tips on how NOT to gamify a classroom will help teachers out...

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Learning from games – Diablo III

  The core idea of gamification is take from games the best concepts and use them in real-life/non-game contexts. Learning from games is the best thing we can do as experts, as we cannot hope to reveal all the secrets on EVERY single game or think we can possibly...

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Gamifcation Europe is coming!

For some of us, being part of the #gamification industry creates a lot of expectation from the world. We want engaging experiences and strong audiences and fun EVERYWHERE. Learning that this year the Gamification World Congress wasn't happening (they just had an...

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Beating up the overjustification effect

Ok, so there are many ways to overcome this challenge. However I will cover ONE. The simplest and ALWAYS the solution to it. Never make rewards more relevant than the activity. Make the activity the reward itself. If people want a soft drink, don't promise them gold,...

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Rewards, behaviour and your worst enemy

AS you may have noticed, one of my favorite Gamification Gurus is Andrzej Marczewski. He said once "Rewards must celebrate achievements, not be the achievement itself" On that regard, he posted a new article in Medium explaining that her daughters' school decided best...

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App 2.0 release details!

  App V2.0 Release Details. As you know, we always try to improve BLUErabbit into the best tool available for teachers to implement #gamification into their classes. As a result, we are releasing our new version officially. There are some important changes we added so...

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How school should be

The point is simple. We want BLUErabbit to make all schools like this one. The concept is so fantastic many ideas went through our heads and will be working towards them. The #gamification of #education is actually possible. It's not a matter of hopes and dreams....

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Games aren’t always fair

Ok, first of all, I DIDN'T write the article, I'm just posting this short review as a reference. It's so good, any #gamification designer must read and be aware of these flaws before building ANYTHING! Full Article:...

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