Using the 4K2F to test your design

4K2F Despite what some #Gamification experts (yes, I'm talking to you Andzrej) fun is an important element. NOW... Andzrej Marczewski is NOT wrong: Fun must be experienced as a consequence of the experience. Do not FORCE it. So, how do you design for it? Nicole...

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Testing your design

Knowing you are doing the right thing in #Gamification is really hard when you don't have the right tools at hand. Now, the first thing you should keep in mind are your KPIs. These little guys will tell if ANY project is going in the right direction, however, one...

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The effects of violent video games

I read this information a while back, but I wanted to share it with you. Violent GAMES do NOT, I repeat, DO N-O-T, cause aggression. The full article is here (please, support them by clicking) and you can read even further  here  It's great to know this because the...

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Thre Paradox of #gamification design

The Paradox The harder for the Game Master, the easier for the players. This idea came to me as a Dungeons and Dragons Game Master (which is pretty much the one skill you need to become a gamification designer). The thing is that the amount of rules the game master...

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The power of ALMOST

In #gamification we all know about FLOW. That feeling you get when you #almost achieve a goal but feel that you are actually about to get it. In proper terms, FLOW is where the difficulty of a challenge matches the skill of the player, however,  I want to talk about...

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#Gamemechanics – Time Category

Time should not only be perceived as minutes, seconds or days. In #gamification we see time as a lot more than that. For instance, the fact that a player has a set number of attempts to overcome a challenge is one thing (which does define the time), however, what if...

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#Gamemechanics – Space Category

So where are the players playing? Is there a board? An app? A website? An imaginary place on their heads? Yes, the last one is real, although you would have to define some BOUNDARIES on to what is acceptable, however when thinking of the SPACE where the players play,...

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#Gamemechanics – Solo Category

The player must have a set of mechanics applied directly to her. All other mechanics we've checked apply to the system and the player interacts with the system, however there are elements, that will give each player a simple way of knowing where they stand.  ...

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