The #gamification powerhouse

Something like the dream team but made of experts from the industry

Always after such a huge event filled with all experts from around the world, keeping the momentum of such a trend as #gamification, #engagement can’t be one of those things missing.

This post is dedicated to all those I met, I know and I want to be working with. I believe, the one thing we are missing as #gamification experts is to truly gamify the conference.

So here is my idea on what we can all offer using our #gamification superpowers


Bernardo Letayf

Bernardo Letayf


14th position in the Gamification Gurus Power 100!

Gamification Keynote SpeakerĀ & the mind behind the operation @bluerabbit, a gamification platform for education.

Developed three frameworks to teach/learn how to create gamification systems and build gamified content

Declared a world wide war on grades.

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